Outreach Programmes & Funded Places

WHSoA Outreach Programmes

& Funded Children’s places

At the heart of what we believe at the West Hampshire School of Art is that creating art has wide-reaching benefits, which should be accessible to all.

We are a Community Interest Company, which means we have chosen to be legally committed to our profits funding outreach work in our local community across Test Valley and wider.

We have big plans! But step by step:


FUNDED PLACES: We have a number of children with Special Educational Needs or difficult personal circumstances that come to our children’s holiday workshops. We would like to secure funding to enable them to do so without charge, giving much needed support, and a couple of hours of respite, to their families as well as to the child themselves.


We want to start the roll out of our Local Schools Art Programme, starting with local village primaries. Each child will take part in a 2 hour workshop on expressive painting, learning to express their feelings through art. They will go away with everything they need to keep painting and drawing at home - that’s our goal, funding dependent!

We hope to continue the Local Schools Art Programme, expanding into Andover. We estimate that over the academic year we can deliver our workshops to over 1400 children, aged between 5-18 years old.

We plan to host the first WHSoA Summer Exhibition, a fundraising event featuring hand-picked local professional artists.


We hope that our Local Schools Art Programme can be extended to include specialist schools for children that cannot access mainstream education, through exclusion and/or disability. For this to become a reality, we will need to expand our team and undertake specialist training.

We plan to grow our outreach team further, reach more schools, and bring the benefits of art to vulnerable adults and marginalised community groups too within our first 3-4 year project.

We plan to host the first WHSoA Community Exhibition, showcasing the children’s wonderful work, alongside that of professional artists.


Can you help us with our outreach programme endeavours?

Maybe you want to get involved as an WHSoA outreach volunteer.

Maybe you can help fundraise, DONATE or BECOME A WHSoA PATRON.

Maybe you would like to donate materials or sponsor our efforts through your local business.